Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding Party at SHI

I was (oh so very) excited to help out with some last minute flower arrangements and photography for a wedding party this weekend at SHI in Long Island City.  I put together a combo of red peonies and roses (red is the groom's favorite color).  In hindsight, the arrangement is somewhat fitting for the Asian-fusion venue.  I'm not a scholar on Chinese culture (or any other Asian culture for that matter), but the color red symbolizes good fortune and there is a legend connecting peonies to the Chinese Empress Wu and something to do with moving her court to an area with a climate more suitable for peonies.

For these arrangements, I used Scarlett O'Hara peonies (magenta/red peony with yellow center), Red Charm peonies, Freedom roses, unripened blueberries and viburnum in a simple leaf-lined 4" cube vase.

@ the b-hive; getting ready to move out to SHI
pre-party picture


  1. Hi any chance u have pictures of the wedding to share? Shi is one of our would great if we can imagine how a wedding look like there.thx.

    1. Hi -- unfortunately, I don't have a release from my clients the pictures and can't share them. however, i'm happy to answer any questions you may have -- just send me at an email at the party was a daytime event and thought the space was lovely for it; i'm sure would very nice in the evening with the city lights in the background. i also thought the staff was very gracious and accommodating.

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