Wednesday, April 16, 2014

peonies and lilacs from last year

coral peonies accompanied by purple lilac, spirea, pink hawthorn, pennycress and astrantia

combing through the archives the other day and found these.  i arranged this same time last year.

growing and wedding season is now hitting me at full force, with a wedding in the coming weeks and another trip to massachusetts to plant hellebores, sweet peas, etc.  i now have stuff growing in my parents backyard and this weekend invading pete's parents home too.  we're trying to get a place of our own (now searching for 2+ years), but nothing and more of nothing.

so my family and friends can tell you that i can get single-minded about stuff (i.e., obsessive compulsive, and i'm not ashamed).  i've decided that my next skill is to bake really good cakes.  pete and i have been indulging ourselves in old episodes of the mind of a chef and just finished an episode of christina tosi and her cakes.  and now i'm inspired.  watch out, waistlines of my friends and family!

yay, pink hawthorn!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


i tend to have flowers around pretty much all the time, sometimes freshly cut, other times not so much (but as any florist would say, even flowers a few days old are still worth hanging onto).  a few of my very loyal customers asked me about doing seasonal arrangements on a monthly basis.  deal is any flower combo my heart desires and any time that works for me.  are you kidding me?  i feel like people are paying me to run around and be a kid all over again (actually, that is what's happening).  so here's the first in the series -- poppies, bleeding hearts, columbines, ranunculus, andromeda and viburnum.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


sometime around now, i get my sister a whole lot of flowers for her birthday.  i'm never in massachusetts on the exact date but am there usually a few weeks before or after with the best early spring product i can find in the market.  this year, she requested blush anemones.  i could have just bought those, but i'm sort of a flower-shopaholic.  i played along a little bit with a lighter color palette (above), but i soon went from blush to bright with a ton of foliage thrown in there -- sword fern, spirea, penny cress, camellia foliage and salal leaves.  and those pleated, cupcake holder looking flowers?  ranunculus from japan!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


arrangement of 'mysterious' parrot tulips, bearded irises, 'combo' roses, japanese ranunculus,
hyacinths and viburnum berries

with cube vases or standard florist vases, i always feel more restrained with my designs.  it's not necessarily a bad thing.  some arrangements are more wild and others more conventional.  vessels are pretty important for a design -- after all, a vase can take up to 1/3 - 1/2 of the arrangement.  so when a cube is involved, i think of symmetry in the overall shape.  but symmetry doesn't mean boring.  the flowers don't need to be showing at the same plane and that allows for visual interest.  and you need crazy flowers, such parrot tulips (they open wide and are ruffly, like sweet peas), a variety of shapes, a nice color palette and lots of greenery.  love greenery.  so underrated but it can bring everything together.

also no floral foam for this arrangement.  i try to avoid foam whenever possibly.  foam is environmentally unfriendly and frankly i don't want to breathe in green foam particles as i cut it up (can't be good for you).  i taped up a 4 x 4 grid of squares as my floral frog and built layer upon layer of greens, then flowers and finally filled up the empty spaces with more greens.  i find taping a grid works best for cubes.  and when the flowers pass their prime, there's only a little bit of tape to pull off and the vase can be passed back to me for re-use.

arrangement of 'mysterious' parrot tulips, bearded irises, 'combo' roses, japanese ranunculus,
hyacinths and viburnum berries

arrangement of 'mysterious' parrot tulips, bearded irises, 'combo' roses, japanese ranunculus,
hyacinths and viburnum berries

arrangement of 'mysterious' parrot tulips, bearded irises, 'combo' roses, japanese ranunculus,
hyacinths and viburnum berries

arrangement of 'mysterious' parrot tulips, bearded irises, 'combo' roses, japanese ranunculus,
hyacinths and viburnum berries

Sunday, March 2, 2014

salted butter

no reason why this post is called salted butter other than i dropped $$$ on butter this morning in preparation for my salted caramel macrons.  i wanted to do yellow for a change up.  my go-to's are generally peach/coral, pink and purple so why not give yellow a try.  it's certainly cheery and i love that i was able to sneak in a whole bunch of goldenrod ranunculus.

i'm watching the oscars right now so perhaps a yellow bouquet is serendipitous, golden man, golden flowers.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


go visit photos for a photo tour of lisbon hosted by pete and me.

Monday, February 24, 2014

tropical colors

a few weeks ago we squeezed a bunch of valentine's day arrangements right before jetting off to lisbon, portugal for an extended long weekend.  i think everything went off successfully.  my only regret is not having really nice shots of the arrangements -- oh well.

i spent our trip lugging around and shooting with my film camera, a used mamiya 645D.  i've been trying film more.  returning home to process 500+ digital images is not fun (i've done that a lot) and likely those images would sit untouched in my hard drive.  so with 16 pics and $25+ to process and scan each roll, i came back with only 3 rolls shot and 200 or so digital files.  the whole "think-through-the-shot-before-hitting-the-shutter" on my mamiya certainly carried through to our digital work.  i say "our" because pete used the digital camera most of the time and i borrowed it for a few shots here and there.  hopefully, i can post my lisbon pictures by the end of the week.

but here are some flowers to bridge the wait.  i've been doing a lot of purple work lately and thought a lively palette would provide a nice change for you and me.

juliet garden roses, cappuccino roses, sweet peas, icelandic poppies, leucothoe and fern  

hand-tied bouquet of tycoon yellow roses, icelandic poppies, sweet peas, leucothoe and fern