Saturday, November 23, 2013


the days are starting to get colder and the days shorter.  but there are flowers blooming somewhere, just not here.  i miss my local product but having a bouquet of clematis, vanda orchids, white peonies, sweet peas, astilbe and ranunculus is not so bad.  i haven't used orchids too heavily in my work, but these vandas have certainly swayed me.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

november update

hand-tied bouquet anemones, romantic antique garden roses, burgundy ranunculus, bush ivy and olive branches

i've been quietly making flowers for weddings and deliveries for here, there and everywhere.  i can never find the time for pictures or even worse the light is terrible for photos.

it's november now (clearly) and i miss my garden and having to harvest multiple bucketful of dahlias each weekend.  but it's over now.  i suppose impermanence is necessary.  now i have next year to plan for and can fully anticipate the start of spring -- my favorite season.  it would be easier to cope if i had travel plans but i don't.