Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

We leased a car; we were car-free in NYC for close to 10 years; I feel like an adult now.

And, of course, our first trip was to visit the cutting garden.  Everything is looking so healthy and remember the dahlias that I planted two weeks ago?  They're sprouting like crazy.  I was a bit nervous about them since the tubers started sprouting two months before I could plant them.  But they look good.  So good.

dahlia beds freshly covered with peat moss
one of my favorite dahlias of all -- the 'cafe au lait' dahlia
really pretty double variety
the beds

I was also able to put together a country-inspired nosegay to bring back to the city.

lady's mantle, spirea, scabiosa, veronica, coral bells and foliage 

No trip to Western MA would be complete without a little wildlife.

The birdies:

gold finches
cardinal (his girlfriend is never too far behind)
blue jay -- the bully of the bunch

wild turkey.  not from this weekend, but last year.  it's standing where the beds are now


Thursday, June 7, 2012

in between

my owl lamp

I'm in between events at the moment -- kinda feels strange not to be working on a project.  I've just pushed out 400+ proofs for a client and have another proof book to do shortly after the first set is uploaded to my printer.

Can someone get married in during the winter please?  I'd love to make this for you....

snowball roses, french ranunculus, japanese sweet peas and white stock

Go Celtics!
Beat the Heat!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Creamy White

I'm back in the city and feeling a bit restless this weekend.  Most of my energy has been focused on editing countless pictures, leaving very little time for flowers.  Nonetheless, I'm using this short window of flowerless activity to post a bouquet from this winter.

vendela roses, majolika spray roses, anemone, sweet peas,
scabiosa pods, wax flowers & bush ivy