Wednesday, April 24, 2013

april peonies

pink peonies, viburnum, hellebores, andromeda, hypercurium berries  and fern

i'll warn you ahead of time that i'm feeling a bit loopy right now.  i had to sleep with my windows open last night to cool my apartment.  i don't have a flower fridge so windows or air conditioning are my options to keep the flowers looking fresh (thank goodness for a cool spring).  our apartment faces a busy avenue and it's really a terrible thing to hear every car and truck pass by through the night.

anyway, it's administrative professional's day today and pete and i delivered a number of arrangements this morning.  we worked pretty hard on these bouquets last night, all of which showcase the peony among the other spring beauties.  it's a bit too early for local peonies, so these came france and california.  otherwise, the hellebores, viburnum and ranunculus are local and i greedily snatched up more than needed, particularly the hellebores (the spotted variety is my favorite).  and the andromeda are the ones that i cut from my friend's garden in shelter island over the weekend.

as an aside, yes, anna, i always overbuy.  sometimes things don't work out as planned so i always want enough product on hand as insurance.  i don't want a repeat of the cafe-au-lait-dahlia-episode.

peony wonder world (i used three kinds:  darker pink, light pink and white.  smelled so good):

dark pink, light pink and white peonies with viburnum, hellebores, andromeda, hypercurium berries and fern

coral glory:

coral peonies with coral and raspberry ranunculus, hellebores, andromeda, hypercurium berries and fern

woodland magic (and my favorite):

light pink peonies with viburnum, hellebores, andromeda, hypercurium berries and fern

watermelon-berry sorbet:

coral peonies with viburnum, ranunculus, hellebores, andromeda, hypercurium berries  nd fern

btw, this is likely the last post you'll see on flowers for a little bit.  pete and i are heading to london and holland!  i'm hoping to see fields and fields of tulips.  i'll try to update photos regularly but we'll see how it goes. i still need to post pictures from our paris trip; maybe i can get to them before we leave.


  1. LOVE the colors as we are finally get some Spring weather - these are absolutely gorgeous!

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